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They may sound a tad insane but I’ll be taking part in my very first book club!  

What? Your very first book club? How…??

I’m sure this is most of y’alls reaction but this is true.  I always wanted to be apart of a book club but didn’t have a group of friends who were truly committed to starting a book club, or had friends who don’t personally enjoy books clubs.

Since I was apart of the Harry Potter Alliance at my university, I was thankful enough to find a small tight knit group of friends who all enjoy reading and are constantly referring books to one another; you guessed right, the Ravenclaw house.  Because of this particular group of friends, we all decided to start a book club together.

Today, Thurs. Nov. 7th, is the day we’re purchasing our first books for the our Book Club.  The genre chosen for November is…..ROMANCE! 

Romance? Wouldn’t Romance go better with the month of February?!

That is TRUE!  But I’ll give you a little insight in how Romance was chosen for the month of November.  I have this dice app on my phone, when my friends and I are together, we’re always trying to decided where/what to eat. The dice app is the easiest and fastest way to solve our hunger problems.  Once, my roommate and I, spent an entire hour talking about what we feel like eating.  We ended up at Taco Bell.  In general, this dice app helps when we’re doing elimination standards. 

Back to Romance for November.  We decided on six different genres, gave each a number, and pulled out the trusty dice app.  As the dice rolled a certain number, that genre was eliminated until there was one last genre standing.  ROMANCE!  But we kept those genres and marked them for the next 5 months.  February is Literature.  That should be fun! 


I was looking to get more personal with this blog and have my followers see a personal perspective through the books I read.  I felt this book club is something to document and here we are.  The first entry will most likely be this weekend or this coming week.  It’ll be off to a slow start, but things shall pick up along the way.  

Welcome to the First EVER Book Club Journey with Chantel!  

Hope you enjoy the the book journey with me!

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